Media Futures Conference

I have confirmed participation at the Media Futures Conference, run by the BBC and produced Nico Macdonald, which sounds very interesting:

The Media Futures Conference is a one day exploration of the dynamics and trends shaping the future of media. As well as an opportunity for lively debate, the conference will feature presentations showcasing innovative projects, demonstrating smart thinking in practice and illustrating the scope of what is possible.

It is going to take a full day and I believe this will be quite intense. And hopefully as inspiring as The New new journalism Innovation Forum I was luck to attend earlier this month.

The ideas exposed there were quite ‘innovative’, to say the least, and they do worry me a bit – not that I would be scared with the apocalyptic visions of the end of journalism (and journalists) the way we know it. Thinking about the role of the neo audience, as I would call what has been described as the “people formerly known as the audience”, is no doubt food for thought.

Having only come back to the journalism practice and thought recently, after a nearly 5 year hiatus, and still trying to do it besides a full time life as a translator, I realized how rusty I am, and how much I have to catch up with. Which is always exciting.