Translation and the Multilingual Web

I will be going to Budapest for the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2008, taking place on June 27-28. More than just going, I will be part of a panel of speakers debating Translation and the Multilingual Web, mostly reflecting on our work for the GVO Lingua Project. Here is what we are going to talk about:

In Our Own Words

We the global online citizens have never been really apart from each other, but also have never really been together partly because of language barriers. Fortunately, participants of citizen media all around the world have recognized this situation and are doing enormous efforts to bridge those divides. Projects like Yeeyan,, Gyaku, Cucumis, Avaaz, Wikipedia and of course Global Voices are models of human translation with online cooperation, while there are also numerous tools offered by online services which can make the work more effortless. In the fourth session of day two, the summit will be focusing on the translation within citizen media: how to translate various languages in complex international contexts? What are the limits? And how we can go beyond those limits?


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