Curriculum Vitae


Language Lead | Brazilian Portuguese
Jun 2017 – Present

Voice of authority for TripAdvisor in Brazilian Portuguese, working in a team of international linguistic experts, localization leaders and translation decision-makers who are a key part of the TripAdvisor Localization team’s success. Responsible for in-country editing, proofreading and in-context review/testing of content for Brazil, including TripAdvisor websites and apps, communication with property owners and managers, communication with community of travellers, promotional newsletters and policies.

Freelance Editor, Transcreator, Subtitler, Translator, Proofreader
Jan 2008 – Present

I currently mainly work for Apple (editor and subtitler) and Rolex (transcreator and proofreader) as part of Hogarth Worldwide‘s team
Mattel (proofreader), HSBC (transcreator), William Grant (translator), Grant Thornton (translator), Shell (transcreator), Wall’s (translator)

More current agencies and clients: TranslateMedia, Virtual Words, Mintel


Project Manager
Global Voices Online, Translation Service
January 2015 – January 2017

• Managing Global Voices mission-related translation services for partners and like-minded organizations
• Recruiting and managing translators
• Budgeting with focus on achieving “fair trade” principles in the design of translation contracts

Multi-Lingual Editor
Global Voices Online, Lingua Project
September 2010 – January 2015

• Managing Global Voices Lingua Project – Translations into 30 languages
• Managing established Lingua Editors and their relationships with Content Editor and Translation Coordinators
• Focusing on developing good strategy and partnerships for established Lingua sites, strengthening their editorial support and capacities, and helping them reach out to mainstream media and funding partners in their own languages
• Creating workflow that allows for decentralised publishing and facilitates rapid translation of original content, to create a truly multilingual environment
• Helping monitor quality of content across established Lingua sites
• Helping generate wiki documentation and guidelines for Regional, Language, and Lingua editors, Authors and Translators that can facilitate their work
• Working together with the Managing Editor, Regional and Language editors on special coverage projects or stories that involve the wider community and are of global concern, and helping Lingua Editors identify how to maximize traffic and attention for it

Portuguese Language Editor
Global Voices Online
My personal profiles:
Writer []
Translation []
December 2007 – August 2010

• Researching Portuguese speaking blogs, podcasts and citizen journalist media content from all relevant countries and regions;
• Researching news stories, paying extra attention to issues ignored or misrepresented in the mainstream media;
• Writing articles in English to raise global awareness of the above, including translating content as appropriate;
• Coordinating remotely a team of volunteers writers and reporters, providing guidance, support and editing their news pieces.
• As a volunteer, from July 2007, translating global wide articles and news for the Portuguese version of the site, [].

Brazilian Portuguese Localization Specialist
iGlobalMedia Marketing UK
February 2006 – April 2010

• Translation, localization and proofreading of content for several websites, micro-sites and clients focused on online games; Light copywriting;
• Initial gathering of requirements for localization of content in Portuguese;
• Researching multilingual keywords and liaising with the marketing department on keywords giving content more SEO visibility and more eye-catching;
• Managing translations and user acceptance testing of the company’s multilingual e-wallet website into 12 languages. Liasing translation requests for this project;
• Working as a deputy for the translation coordinator, coordinating translation requests and liaising with translation agencies;
• Multilingual social media marketing (using Twitter)
• Software and technologies used whilst working for this company: Excel, Word, Macromedia Dreamweaver, XML, OmegaT, customized CAT tools, and Documentum Web Publisher.

Linguistic Consultant
Webalorixá.net, now defunct
June 2006 – December 2006
• Checking language, grammar and punctuation of the texts and ensuring adequate, consistent and publication quality;
• Suggesting breakdowns, subtitles and other devices to aid information flow;
• Monitoring the use of anglicisms and foreign expressions throughout the site;
• Providing cultural and linguistic accessibility.

Subtitling Translator, now defunct
• Providing one off subtitles from English into Portuguese (and visa versa) for short films published on this pioneering and innovative website –; unfortunately, the project did not live up to expectations and the website is no longer available.

Freelance Reporter
Jungle Drums
A bilingual magazine for lovers of Brazilian culture – now only online
June 2006 – December 2007
• Multitasking member of the editorial team, producer, reporter and casual translator for this unique Anglo Brazilian magazine. I left when I was offered the editorial job at Global Voices Online.

Freelance Editor
Oi Londres
An online magazine for Brazilian expatriates
May 2003 – March 2005

• Researching and writing regular features, interviews, and pieces on various subjects: day-to-day life, health, immigration, entertainment, employment, etc.;
• Contributing, over a six months period approximately three articles a week on subjects as diverse as how to get a job in London and where to buy the best (and fairly inexpensive) winter clothes, some of which are still archived there;
• Acting, for much of this time, as the site’s creative director which entailed having ideas for features. During a period when I also was acting as the editor, I used to co-ordinate a small team of reporters and collaborators.

In Brazil

iBahia – Salvador, BA, Brazil
iBahia is the regional branch in Bahia of the popular []
May 2001 – May 2002
• Researching, suggesting and writing new ideas for news features;
• Conducting interviews;
• Covering local news and current affairs, as well as light-hearted subjects such as astrology and culture.

TV Producer
TV Gazeta de Alagoas – Maceió, AL, Brazil
TV Gazeta de Alagoas is a regional branch of the biggest TV network in Brazil, Rede Globo
February 1998 – April 2001
• Producing for the local evening news program;
• Story-spotting, for which I would have to talk to everyone from politicians to the man in the street;
• Researching and selecting news for daily broadcast;
• Arranging interviews, booking locations and writing scripts for the reporting team;
• Occasionally editing ‘raw footage’ and brief writing for the morning news;
• Some broadcasting;
• Producing, on demand, for national news programs, such as Jornal Nacional, Jornal Hoje or Bom Dia Brasil, and the weekly variety show Fantastico.

Sururu – Maceió, AL, Brazil – now defunct – the first independent news website in Alagoas
January 1999 – March 2001
• Establishing new website, though now defunct, specializing in local news;
• Editing, reporting and photographing;
• Commanding a small team of reporters.

Education and Training

•Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas: Journalism 2.0 – approved with distinction in this short course run in the first quarter of 2009;
•Translating Literary Texts – A short course provided by London Metropolitan University, during which I attended a lecture by Professor Susan Bassnett, a pioneer of the cultural turn in translation studies, particularly in literary translation;
• Online courses offered by the BBC Training & Development: Cool Editing Pro 01 through 04; DV Camera Shooting Guides; Microphones and sound for radio; Interviewing for Radio; Introduction to video production; Rigorous recess. London, 2006;
• IELTS Certificate (International English Language Testing System). Grade 8 out of 9. Breakdown: Writing 9 (maximum mark); Reading and Listening 8; Speaking 7.5. London, 2005;
• Uniglobo – annual training program for producers: a one-week intensive course, part of Globo’s programme of excellence in TV broadcasting;
• BA in Social Communication – Journalism, Federal University of Alagoas. Brazil, in 1999.